Tumblerpoxy (32 OZ QUART KIT)

Tumblerpoxy (32 OZ QUART KIT)
32 OZ QUART KIT  QUART KIT (total kit volume) 30-35 minute work time 1:1 RATIO 16 oz of Part...
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QUART KIT (total kit volume)

  • 30-35 minute work time
  • 1:1 RATIO
  • 16 oz of Part A 
  • 16 oz of Part B

 Total Kit: 32 oz (1 quart)





Apply immediately 

Use gloved finger to work bubbles out before reaching for any heat, if done properly you’ll need little to no heat.

Once layer is to your liking hit with heat one to two rotations.

Sand and Apply next layer at about 12 to 18 hours depending on room temperature , or apply decals, vinyl, etc.


Mold pieces will be bendy after 8-12 hours drying in the mold. Remove from mold and allow to finish curing on a flat surface for 3-5 days. Mold pieces can be left in mold until fully cured but Beth has found they harden and cure faster outside the mold. Also, removing them earlier helps you be able to use mold again quicker. If mold pieces don’t harden up after 3-5 days and remain bendy, either measurements was off, mixture wasn’t stirred long enough or coloring to epoxy ratio of 10% or less wasn’t followed...chemical reaction between part A and Part B was interrupted.

MEASURE 1:1 ratio

Mix for 3 mins.

Add coloring/glitter (remember coloring to epoxy ratio of 10% or less to not mess up chemical reaction and cause molds to always be bendy or the need to allow them to cure longer to get hard)


Pour into silicone mold, then allow bubbles to rise to the top 5-8 mins. before spritzing with alcohol.

(Spritz top of mold pieces with alcohol as heat will break down silicone molds quickly and eventually.)



Must mix 3 mins.

Work time 30-35 mins

Dry to touch in 12-18 hours depending on room temperature 

CAN APPLY ANOTHER LAYER between 6-8 hours IF you’re 100% sure you measured and mixed properly. Bottom layer at this point will be tacky. Ideally, you want to either sand or apply next layer when bottom layer is tacky to ensure both layers create a chemical or mechanical bond. This helps with durability if tumbler is accidentally dropped.

ALLOW TO CURE a minimum of 72 hours after last layer in-order to meet the FDA Compliancy Standards of being food safe.

**If Tumbler layer is tacky after 12-18 hours either TUMBLERPOXY wasn’t measured properly or it wasn’t stirred a full 3 mins. Beth has personally tested this and 3 mins. is the magic number**

Work and storing temperatures: 50-75 degrees F

**Hotter temps will cause TUMBLERPOXY to dry faster, colder temps will cause TUMBLERPOXY to dry slower.**

Opened (heat seal under lid popped) TUMBLERPOXY will work properly for about a year.

Unopened TUMBLERPOXY will work properly for over a year.

 Caution: Eye and Skin irritant. Do not swallow. Do not get in eyes. Do not get on skin or clothing. Do not breathe fumes. Use proper PPE at all times. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. 

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